We all have different motivations for staying healthy. We want to be free of pain and fatigue so that we can be active and engaged in our lives. We want to be able to support and enjoy our loved ones for years to come. We want enough energy and vitality to give back to the community and make the world a better place. We want to feel light, vibrant and alive.


Dr. Suzie Lee is an Alameda chiropractor specializing in health transformations. She utilizes chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies and highly customized nutritional and lifestyle interventions to get you feeling your best. The benefits you receive in her office are vast and long-lasting, because she addresses the cause of your health complaint, rather than just the symptoms, and empowers you to become a better caretaker of your health.


Functional Medicine addresses the internal systems of the body, using nutritional and lifestyle changes to promote hormonal balance, energy efficiency, and mental clarity.


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Brain Time Training® applies concepts of functional neurology to promote efficiency of the nervous system in order improve memory, balance mood, enhance learning and promote the overall health of the body and mind.


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Functional medicine

brain training

Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy address imbalances of the joints, muscles and ligaments in order to relieve pain, reduce tension and promote efficient and healthy movement.


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Dr. Suzie Lee

CHiropractic & FUnctional medicine

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